About Us

Hello and welcome to Peekaboo Kids Design!
Thanks for joining me on this adventure. Peekaboo was born as a response to ideas I started having when I became a mom, of little things that would make our life more creative and colorful!
I am a mom of two, crazy in love with my boys and the lucky wife of an amazing partner for this adventure of parenthood.
Like a lot of you (I imagine) I have started a lifelong journey with the idea to somehow have a balanced life where both my family and my professional life and passions can co-exist and influence each other in a way where I can grow and show my boys a good example.
I am also in the search for best techniques to raise trilingual kids, open to the world and its diversity with pride about their diverse belonging and strong roots. Am I trying the impossible here?
Walk with me these adventures and learning experiences and let's share our strengths and struggles, so we as "modern" mothers are not alone in this challenging, but rewarding role.
Because I believe we should work on creating and maintaining a strong support network, this page does not only display my creations but those of other brave moms who have decided to be vulnerable and want to share their creations and experiences with the world!
What do you say? Are you in? Subscribe and let's stay in touch.
Hoping to hear from you soon!